Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may assist you in the building process.

Why should I talk to Broome Builders before buying land?

So that we can assist you with the orientation & size your dream home 

Can we make changes to the Broome Builders plans?

Certainly, you can make small, major or complete changes. Our design team will capture your wishes. Costs or savings will be subject to the extent of modifications, sometimes there are no additional costs at all.

How long will Broome Builders take to build my home?

We always say allow 6 months from the time your slab gets poured, however in recent months we have been completing homes in under 6 months.

Why is homes orientation on my block important?

Broome Builders will always design your home to capture the prevailing breezes and if used right will reduce your need for air conditioning.

What does the Star rating mean on the Broome Builders designs?

Broome Builders will always design your home to achieve the highest star rating possible. The higher the star rating the cheaper your home will be to run into the future.

What is meant by running your home?

This term relates to the ongoing cost to keep your home livable and comfortable, example air conditioning, hot water systems, gas heating etc.

What is the importance of cross flow ventilation?

This is one of the most important aspects of your home. Air flow through ventilation helps disturb the hot air film over your body and allow it to be replaced with cooler air ie promotes evaporation. This is incorporated wherever possible in all Broome Builders designs.

Why does Broome Builders use Dakin inverter air conditioning units?

Dakin inverter air conditioning units are recognized as one of the best energy efficient units on the market and have an excellent after sale service and warranty support.

What are the most energy efficient lights that I should install in my home?

It is assumed that LED lights are the most efficient but you can get Edison Compact Fluro that are just as efficient, it really comes down to its wattage. LED will certainly last longer and that’s why Broome Builders use LEDs for your down lights.

Does external cladding colours impact on the performance of my home?

Yes greatly, the darker the roof the more heat it will absorb and hotter the home will be. Broome Builders strongly recommends light colours for roof and walls.

Why do Broome Builders install E vents?

An E vent is located on the ridge line and allows the hot air to escape the roof space. These are a great idea as the roof space is the hottest place of your home.

What is the benefit of having such a high level of insulation as per Broome Builders standard?

This will make your home cheaper to run.

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